Welcome brethren, friends, and guests of Clarksboro Lodge #87. Thank you for visiting our new website and thank you for your interest in Clarksboro Lodge.

We meet the first Monday of each month, except July and August and legal holidays. If you are interested in joining you can visit  here for more information.

Freemasonry is the oldest surviving fraternal order in the world, and is a place for men of conscience to come together to become better men, husbands, fathers, friends, brothers, colleagues, and citizens.

One of the tenents of our fraternity is brotherhood and friendship. The following thoughts from Aristotle define my sentiment on our friendship:

The Greek philosopher Aristotle tells us that there are three kinds of friendship:

  • We have friends who make us laugh, whose company we enjoy.
  • We have friends who are useful to us, who lend things to us, and who do things for us that we cannot do well for ourselves.
  • Finally, we have "friends in the good." This friendship occurs when we are united with others in a common undertaking, which lifts us to another level, giving us a desire to strive for something beyond our own lives. This is the highest form of friendship, and we seek it, says Aristotle, because we quite simply become better people for having "friends in the good."

We will strive to practice the type of brotherhood and friendship that is reflective of Aristotle's third kind of friendship. The more we strive, the better our fraternity will be.

21st Masonic District Lodges

Penns Grove Excelsior No. 54, Carneys Point1st Wednesday at 7:30pm
Clarksboro No. 87, Clarksboro1st Monday at 7:30pm
Mantua No. 95, Mantua2nd Thursday at 7:30pm
Woodstown No. 138, Woodstown1st Tuesday at 7:30pm
Williamstown, No. 166, Williamstown1st & 3rd Tuesday at 7:30pm
Pitman No. 197, Pitman2nd Tuesday at 7:30pm